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No, I am not asking you to create a robot and make him paint. I am talking about Generative adversarial networks (GANs). GANs have revolutionized the world of AI by providing one of the most clever ways of producing materials such as speech, pictures, music; which are strikingly similar to what humans produce. These algorithms tend to learn from the inputs, capture few most important features of the input and produce outputs which share similar characteristics of the input provided. …

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The economy of any nation depends on a lot of factors, some discernable, some hidden. Logistics and transportation sector comprises a major stake in developing economy, there is no denial of this fact. Take a look at the industries which depend upon logistics for product or raw material maneuverability. Automobile, retailing, healthcare, Industrial goods, food & Grocery and the list goes on, all of these manufacturing giants depends heavily on transportation and keeping products on the move around the clock.

Indian Logistics sector is estimated to have grown at a flourishing 15 percent in last five years with Empirical evidences…

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Joins- such a cute and uniting name for something which can completely shatter your confidence if not understood the right way. Speak about oxymoron!

If you have been struggling with MySql joins for about whole of your life, you are in right place-you are probably gonna spend your evening waking the park just the way I am gonna help you understand joins- a walk in the park. Joins concept sits in the heart of relational database idea. You wouldn’t create a relational database if you couldn’t join them and see the desired output. The functionality of join is an absolute…


You have finally selected a washing machine which is gonna wash all your blues (no pun) and socks without complaining, for the rest of your life. Color- check, price- in budget, better than your ‘always boasting’ neighbor- check. Just about you are leaving the aisle and heading towards billing section with your happy machine; the overly-positive salesman makes you an offer you can’t refuse.

He asks you; whether you would be willing to buy an extended warranty for another 10K- which includes 1 year of extra cover after your company warranty ends. …

This is a Capstone project I completed for a course i was enrolled in through an online platform. I hope you find some value to it. Feel free to comment and add your ideas/reviews.

Its so much fun to explore a new city. The food culture, the local travel places, coffee shops and much more. Although some of us generally don’t have a lot of time to explore a city, especially when we are on a business trip or meeting a friend/date for one day, it would be nice if we could get a recommendation for a hotel which is…

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